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Concerning all meals labeled LG (Low Gluten), the kitchen uses gluten free ingredients to prepare these foods, however there are traces of gluten present in the kitchen where food is prepared. These products may not be suitable for a coeliac.

Kirks Menus

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Bistro / Restaurant Menu - ENTREE

Hot and Cold Entrees

Herb or Garlic Pizza (LG Available +$1)                                                          6.9 with cheese 7.9

Chefs Choice Pizza                                                                                                   20.9                                                            Garlic & Olive Oil base topped with hot salami, prosciutto & mozzarella.

Soup of the Day – See chefs suggestions board (LG ask kitchen)                          8.9                                                               Served with crusty bread.

Satay Chicken                                                                                                            23.9                                                       Marinated chicken tenderloins served with fragrant jasmine rice, pineapple salsa & homemade satay sauce.

Tomato Bruschetta                                                                                                  19.9                                                                Diced tomatoes with red onion, basil, cracked pepper topped with roquette & crumbled feta served on warm ciabatta.

Trio of Dips                                                                                                                  23.9                                                           Three housemade dips (see suggestions board) served with garlic infused pita bread & grissini sticks.

Individual Oysters Natural (LG)                                              Min 3 pieces      3.5                                                         Pacific oysters served on mesculin with lemon & housemade cocktail sauce.

Individual Oysters Kilpatrick (LG)                                          Min 3 pieces      3.8                                                        Pacific oysters with bacon & worcestershire sauce.

Salt & Pepper or Chilli Calamari                                                                           20.9                                                       Tender flash fried calamari, coated in a cracked black pepper, sea salt, flour & semolina served with salad greens & a side of thai reduction dipping sauce.

Kirks Tasting Plate (to share)                                                                                         31.9                                                Selection of hot calabrese salami, housemade dip, marinated whole olives, roasted red peppers, camembert cheese, prosciutto and salt & pepper calamari served with garlic infused Turkish bread and grissini sticks.

Seafood Sampler                                                                                                                   35.9                                                Selection of Australian king prawns, salt & pepper calamari, natural oysters, oysters of the day (see suggestion board), smoked salmon, marinated mussels, salad & dipping sauces.

Concerning all meals labeled LG (low Gluten), the kitchen uses gluten free ingredients to prepare these foods, however there are traces of gluten present in the kitchen where food is prepared, These products may not be suitable for a coeliac.

Bistro / Restaurant Menu - MAINS

Kirks Salads

Kirks Style Caesar Salad                                                                                         19.9                                                                       Baby cos lettuce, honey baked bacon, croutons & shaved grana padano, tossed in our housemade dressing, anchovies (Optional) and your choice of poached or boiled egg.

with herb marinated chargrilled chicken                                                   25.9                                                                   with smoked salmon                                                                                           25.9                                                                  with grilled tiger prawns                                                                                  26.9

Kirks Style Greek Salad                                                                                     20.9                                                                  Greek salad mix, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, capsicum, fetta cheese & marinated Kalamata olives tossed with olive oil & herbs alongside grilled pita & aioli.

with herb marinated chargrilled chicken                                                     26.9                                                                   with garlic & rosemary infused  lamb fillets                                                29.9

Warm Thai Beef Salad                                                                                          27.9                                                             Tender Thai marinated striploin pieces tossed with mesculine, red onion, carrot, roasted red peppers & cucumber, with a sweet Thai reduction dressing.

Pasta, Risotto and Vegetarian

Chorizo & Prawn Risotto (LG)                                                                         34.90                                                             Arborio rice with mild Spanish chorizo tossed with king prawns & cherry tomatoes in our house made concasse topped with shaved grana padano.

Pea & Prosciutto Risotto                                                                         32.90                                                                       Arborio rice in rich chicken stock with San Daniele prosciutto & peas topped with shaved Grana Padano.

Chicken & Wild Mushroom Risotto (LG)                                                   31.90                                                            Arborio rice with chicken, shitake, oyster, enoki & swiss brown mushrooms, in a creamy white wine & cracked black pepper reduction topped with grana padano.

Kirks Spaghetti Marinara                                                                                   35.90                                                                Our marinara delivers a selection of seafood including prawns, mussels, calamari, flake pieces & vongoli clams tossed in spring onions, spinach, garlic & a fine olive oil. Tomato base &/ or fresh chilli available on request.

Fettuccini Carbonara                                                                                            25.90                                                         Premium bacon pieces, wild mushroom mix & onions, tossed with garlic in a creamy white wine sauce, topped with grana padano                                                                                                      with chicken 29.9

Oven Roasted Vegetable Risotto (LG)                                                             27.90                                                                   Arborio Rice with garlic, thyme & rosemary slow roasted vegetables, tossed with baby spinach & cherry tomatoes in a vegetable stock topped with crumbled feta (optional).

Roasted Vegetable Gnocchi                                                                                27.90                                                            Garlic, thyme & rosemary slow roasted vegetables, tossed in a butter & parsley sauce with potato gnocchi.                           with chicken                                                                                                             30.90                                                                 with chorizo                                                                                                              30.90


Chicken Avocado (LG)                                                                                          35.90                                                               Pan-seared chicken tenderloins in a cream white wine & chive sauce, topped with fanned avocado & tiger prawns, served on a housemade potato rosti.

Chicken Scallopini  (LG)                                                                                       35.90                                                                  Pan fried chicken tenderloins in a creamy white wine sauce with baby spinach & semi-dried tomatoes served on a housemade potato rosti.

Chicken Parmagiana                                                                                              26.90                                                            Housemade lightly crumbed premium chicken breast topped with virginian ham, napoli sauce & melted cheese served with chips & salad or seasonal vegetables.

Chicken Schnitzel                                                                                                   24.90                                                               Housemade lightly crumbed premium chicken breast served with a side of gravy, lemon wedge, chips & salad or seasonal vegetables.

Double Bacon Beef Burger                                                                                  29.90                                                               Beef Pattie, double bacon rasher, American cheese, kosher dill pickle, lettuce & tomato served with chips.

Satay Chicken                                                                                                             34.90                                                              Marinated chicken tenderloins served with fragrant jasmine rice, pineapple salsa & homemade satay sauce.

YG Beaumont farms Porterhouse 300g  (LG)                                                  39.90                                                 

YG Beaumont farms Scotch Fillet 300g    (LG)                                                 40.90

YG Beaumont farms Rump 500g  (LG)                                                                 37.90

add reef to your beef:

Chargrilled Australian King prawns (2) & Hollandaise sauce                        10.90                                                                                                        

3 Tiger prawns in a creamy garlic sauce  (LG)                                                      9.90                                                                                                  

Salt & Pepper Calamari or Chilli Calamari                                                             7.90

All steaks are cooked to your liking with a choice of

chips & salad, creamy mashed potato or relish & bacon.

With your choice of sauces:

Red wine & mushroom or Cream & green peppercorn or red wine jus or Garlic & parsley butter (LG).

Or your choice of wholegrain, dijon or hot english mustard.

Our chefs are happy to adapt dishes to suit dietary needs, for example gluten, dairy and fructose intolerances, nut and other allergies or any other specialty requirement where possible. Simply ask our friendly staff when choosing or ordering your meal. If you wish to dine together please order at the one time and quote your table number, thankyou.


Beer & Chilli Mussels                                                                                         36.90                                                                      Local port phillip mussels poached in beer, napoli & chilli, served with toasted ciabatta & chips.

Kirk’s Seafood Plate                                                                                           41.90                                                                         Salt & Pepper Calamari, battered tiger prawns, grilled flake fillets, chilled oysters, & Australian king prawns with chips, salad & housemade tartare & cocktail sauces.

Fish of the Day                                                                                                      Market Price See chefs suggestions board.

Mixed Grilled Seafood                                                                                       35.90                                                                       Skewered prawns & lightly seared scallops alongside a grilled barramundi fillet served with a chips, salad & ta sweet spiced plum & bbq dipping sauce.

Barramundi Fillets                                                                                              34.90                                                                       Grilled and served with chips & salad accompanied with housemade tartare sauce & wedges of lemon.

Salt & Pepper Calamari or Chilli Calamari                                                30.9                                                                         Tender flash fried calamari, coated in a cracked black pepper & sea salt flour, served with chips, salad & a side of thai reduction dipping sauce.

Kirks Homemade Wood Fired Pizza Menu

(LG available on request)

Tropical                                                                                                                  20.90                                                                             Napoli base, cheese, virginian ham & pineapple

Capricciosa                                                                                                          21.90                                                                               Napoli base, cheese, ham, olives, mushroom & anchovies

Smoked Salmon, Dill and Sour Cream                                                       24.90                                                                    Pesto base, cherry tomatoes, olives, capers and cheese topped with smoked salmon, dill and sour cream

Margherita                                                                                                            19.90                                                                Napoli base, garlic, parmesan cheese, basil, cherry tomatoes with olive oil drizzle

Tandoori Chicken                                                                                              23.90                                                                         Napoli base, Tandoori chicken pieces, red onion, roasted red peppers, cheese & sour cream.

Spice Master                                                                                                       23.90                                                                          Napoli base, chorizo, salami, red onion, fresh chilli, fetta cheese & mozzarella.

Lamb Souvlaki                                                                                                     24.90                                                                    Napoli base with marinated lamb, red onion, cherry tomatoes & mozzarella cheese topped with chiffonade lettuce & aioli.

Roasted Vegetable                                                                                              22.90                                                                             Garlic, rosemary & thyme slow roasted vegetable with fresh chilli & crumbled feta                                                                                                                                                                                     Add salami 24.90

Chefs Choice                                                                                                          20.90                                                                               Garlic & olive oil base topped with hot salami, prosciutto & mozzarella.

Hail Caesar                                                                                                             23.90                                                                               Olive oil base, topped wiht chicken pieces, bacon, parmesan & anchovies, finished with shredded cos lettuce & housemade caesar dressing.

Bistro / Restaurant Menu - KIDS MENU

Kids menu

Includes soft drink and icecream – 12 years & under

Fish (Flake Fillet) with chips & salad 13.90

Chicken Parmagiana with chips & salad 13.90

Chicken Schnitzel with chips & salad 13.90

Chicken Nuggets with chips & salad 13.90

Mini Roast of the Day with Chips or Vegetables 13.90

Salt & Pepper Calamari with chips & salad 13.90

Spaghetti Napoli 13.90

Cheeseburger & Chips 13.90

Bistro / Restaurant Menu - SENIORS

Seniors menu

Available Monday to Sunday (Saturday & Sunday extra $2)

Roast of the Day (LG available upon request) 16.90 See chefs suggestions board.

Kirk’s Flake & Chips (LG ask kitchen) 16.90 Grilled or battered and served with chips, salad and housemade tartare sauce.

Fettuccini Carbonara 16.90 Tossed with onion, garlic, mushroom & bacon in a creamy sauce.

Roasted Vegetable Gnocchi 16.90 Garlic, thyme & rosemary slow roasted vegetables, tossed in a butter & parsley sauce with potato gnocchi.

Chicken Schnitzel or Parmagiana 16.90 Served with chips and salad or seasonal vegetables.

Salt & Pepper Calamari or Chilli Calamari 16.9                                                                                                              Tender flash fried calamari, coated in a cracked black pepper & sea salt flour, served with chips, salad & a side of Thai reduction dipping sauce

Lambs Fry and Bacon 16.90 Lightly floured and grilled served with crispy bacon, potato mash & gravy

Warm Thai Beef Salad  16.90 Tender Thai marinated striploin pieces tossed with mesculine, red onion, carrot, roasted red peppers & cucumber, with a sweet Thai reduction dressing

Pumpkin Risotto (LG) 16.90 Tossed with fresh herbs, roasted pine nuts and baby spinach with a touch of cream, topped with shaved grana padano.

200gm Porterhouse Steak (LG) 18.90 Cooked to your liking with your choice of sauce, served with chips & salad or seasonal vegetables.

Add Soup or  Cake & Coffee Available Monday to Friday Only

Soup of the Day 2.00 See chefs suggestions board

Add Dessert (LG) 2.50

Your choice of any slice of cake (excludes individual cakes) See cake display cabinet

Add Tea or Coffee 2.00

Seniors receive 10% discount off the main menu Monday to Friday. Seniors menu and discount not available on public holidays, Mother’s day & Father’s day.

Bistro / Restaurant Menu - BREAKFAST AND DESSERT


Available Saturday and Sunday from 9am until 11.00am

Toasted muesli with strawberries and yoghurt 9.50

Eggs Benedict 16.50

2 Eggs served with spinach, ham and hollandaise sauce on an English muffin

French Toast 15.50

French toast served with bacon and Canadian mayple syrup

Kirk’s Big Brekky 20.50

2 eggs any style served with bacon, baked tomato, chorizo, hash brown, sautéed mushroom served with toast

Pancakes 14.00

Fluffy light pancakes served with ice-cream and Canadian mayple syrup

2 eggs any style (poached, fried or scrambled) on toast 9.00 on English muffin 10.00

Add your side of Bacon 3.00 Hash Brown 3.00 Baked tomato 2.50 Spinach 2.50 Sautéed Mushrooms 3.00 Chorizo 3.00 Smoked salmon 3.50 Hollandaise 2.00 Grilled Ham 2.00

Dessert Menu

Daily Fresh Assorted Cakes  (LG Available) 8.50

Selection displayed in our cake fridge. Each served with whipped cream & vanilla ice cream.



Liqueur Coffees

Irish Coffee – Coffee served with Jamieson Whisky and topped with cream. 9.00

Baileys Coffee – Coffee served with Baileys and topped with cream. 9.00

Calypso Coffee – Coffee served with Tia Maria and topped with cream. 9.00

Italian Classico – Coffee served with Amaretto and topped with cream. 9.00

Mexican Coffee – Coffee served with Kahlua and topped with cream. 9.00

Affogato Coffees

Kirks Liqueur Affogato 12.00 – Ice cream served in a martini glass and topped with your choice of Liqueur (Baileys, Tia Maria, Frangelico, Kahlua, Amaretto) served with a side of espresso.                                                                                 Traditional Affogato 8.00  Ice cream served in a martini glass served with a side of espresso

Bombora Blend Coffees We also have our freshly ground Bombora Blend coffee to order

Bistro / Restaurant Wine List
Bubbles by the Glass
NVMorgans Bay Sparkling CuveeMildura VIC89/100$8.00
NVTaylor Ferguson Premimum Brut CuveeSouth East Australia89/100$9.00
NVDomaine Chandon BrutYarra Valley Vic93/100$10.00
Whites by the Glass
NVMorgan's Bay ChardonnayMildura VIC92/100$8.00$11.00
2014Domaine Chandon ChardonnayYarra Valley Vic94/100$9.00$14.00
2014Ironcloud ChardonnayGeographie WA96/100$10.00$15.00
2015Xanadu Exmoor ChardonnayMargaret River WA95/100$10.00$15.00
NVMorgan's Bay Semillon Sauvignon BlancMildura VIC90/100$8.00$11.00
2014Mt Riley Sauvignon BlancMarlborough NZ94/100$9.00$14.00
2014Upside Down Sauvignon BlancMarlborough NZ96/100$9.00$14.00
2015Cloudy Bay Sauvignon BlancMarlborough NZ96/100$12.00$18.00
2015Tahbilk RieslingNagambie Lakes Vic90/100$8.00$11.00
2012Nine Vines Grenache Shiraz RoseRenmark SA92/100$9.00$13.00
NVRosemount Encore MoscatoBarossa Valley SA88/100$8.00$11.00
2014Nine Degrees Pinot GrisMarlborough NZ92/100$9.00$13.00
2016Tar and Roses Pinot GrigioNagambie Vic92/100$9.00$13.00
Reds by the Glass
NVMorgans Bay Shiraz CabernetMildura Vic90/100$8.00$11.00
2014Angove Family Crest ShirazMcLaren Vale SA94/100$9.00$14.00
2013Dragonfly ShirazGeographie WA94/100$9.00$14.00
2012Rosemount Little Berry ShirazMcLaren Vale SA94/100$9.00$14.00
2013Ellis Wines Signature Heathcote ShirazHeathcote Vic95/100$10.00$15.00
2014Clarnette & Ludvigsen Heathcote ShirazHeathcote Vic96/100$10.00$15.00
2013Mount Langi Hollows ShirazGrampians Vic94/100$10.00$15.00
2013Spinefex Bete Noir ShirazBarossa Valley SA97/100$11.00$17.00
NVMorgan's Bay Cabernet MerlotMildura Vic90/100$8.00$11.00
2013Blue Pyrenees Cabernet SauvignonPyrenees VIC95/100$9.00$14.00
2012Wynns Black Label Cabernet SauvignonCoonawarra SA96/100$11.00$17.00
2013Blue Pyrenees MerloPyrenees VIC91/100$9.00$14.00
2012John Luke Pinot NoirMornington Peninsula92/100$8.00$12.00
2012Domaine Chandon Yarra Valley Pinot NoirYarra Valley Vic94/100$10.00$15.00

Bubbles by the Bottle

NVMorgans Bay Sparkling Cuvee
This sparkling cuvee is made from a blend of varietals perfect for sparkling wine. A great match to any meal
Mildura Vic89/100$30.00
NVTaylor Ferguson Premimum Brut Cuvee
Lively bouquet, fresh fruity characters on the palate. Crisp and clean with a dry finish.
South Eastern Aust89/100$30.00
NVSalinger Premium Cuvee
Classic Salinger, contrasting crisp, primary lemon and red apple fruit with a honeyed dosage and creamy bead. Fruit integrity and persistence
take the lead in this youthful and primary blend of pinot noir, chardonnay and meunier
Great Western Vic91/100$40.00
2011Salinger Henty Vintage Cuvee
Light to medium straw colour with a brassy tinge. The bouquet is quite complex and shows some tirage age. It's nutty, lightly toasty and savoury,
with meringue and rich smoky pinot aromas, to which a touch of strawberry is added when the wine is in the mouth. It's a little confectionery-like
also. The acidity is well-balanced and the finish is nicely weighted, with low phenolics. It's clean and refreshing.
Great Western Vic93/100$45.00
NVBleasdale Sparkling Shiraz
Deep red colour with the last vestiges of purple tint. Ripe plummy bouquet, clean and fresh, and not shrill or simplistic. A tinge of spice, earth and faint chocolate. The palate is full, and round, soft and smooth, balanced and clean on the finish with a touch of cleansing tannin. There's plenty of sweetness mid-palate, then a clean, drying finish.
Langhorne Creek SA91/100$45.00
NVDomaine Chandon Brut
Bright green-straw, tangy chardonnay prevailing over the softer pinot, some brioche/nougat notes, long, clean finish. Like all domaine sparkling wines, is a methode traditionelle.
Yarra Valley Vic93/100$50.00
2004Yellowglen Exceptional Vintage Piccadilly
Pale straw-green, the mousse good; remarkably fresh, fine and focused, given its seven years on yeast lees; apple, citrus and yeasty brioche aromas are followed by a supple, long and balanced palate, bringing together all the elements of the bouquet. Traditional method used for this 66/34% blend of pinot noir and chardonnay.
South East Victoria93/100$60.00
2011Domaine Chandon Vintage Brut
Has an elegance and lightness of touch that stems from its faultless balance and seamless flow along the palate, with stone fruit and citrus perfectly counterpoised to more nutty/yeasty nuances.
Yarra Valley Vic95/100$60.00
2009Domaine Chandon Vintage Tasmanian Cuvee
Very light to pale yellow colour, good cordon of bubbles. Lovely honeyed overtones to the bready, yeast-developed bouquet, with some toast elements and a creamy, lemon citrus tang on the finish. Clean, dry, tart and appetising.
Yarra Valley Vic94/100$60.00
2009Domaine Chandon Vintage Blanc de Blanc
Light to medium bright yellow colour. Lightly bready bouquet, elements of beeswax and honey. Fresh and clean, creamy yeasty. Soft in the mouth with a creamy texture, gentle and fruity, dry and soft and savoury, not grapy. Very good style, ultra-dry and food friendly.
Yarra Valley Vic94/100$60.00
NVMoet Chandon Imperial
A complete, generous and dynamic champagne made of chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier.
Epernay Champagne France94/100$75.00
2001Freycinet Radenti Chardonnay Pinot Noir
Bright green-straw a 60/40% blend, fermented in the bottle and spent over eight years on yeast lees. Despite the resultant multilayered complexity and richness, also has elegance
East Coast Tas97/100$90.00
NVPol Roger Brut
Light, bright straw-green in colour, it has good mousse, and a clean and vibrant bouquet; the flavours run in a green apple, pear and citrus spectrum, with a long, lingering finish.
Epernay Champagne France93/100$110.00
2002Bollinger La Grande Annee
The palate is concentrated, dense and structured with very fresh citrus fruit dominating at the moment. Still primary, with grapefruit pith freshness. Really pure and with plenty of potential for further development.
Reims Champagne France97/100$220.00
2003Dom Perignon
A highly concentrated vintage only wine. Paradoxically concentrated, yet creamy. A magnetic, still elusive wine that fully reals the dual nature that it is famous for.
Epernay Champagne France97/100$250.00

Something Sweet

NVRosemount Encore Moscato
Green apple and tropicals on the nose lead into a sweet but not too sweet tropical fruit palate, clean and refreshing.
Muriootpa, SA88/100$30.00
2007Amberley Noblese (375ml)
Brilliant, deep golden colour. A complex nose of brandied raisins, citrus rind and warm spices with a rich viscous palate of stone fruit, golden delicious aples and baked quince.
Margaret River WA93/100$40.00
2011Elderton Botrytis Semillon (375ml)
Glowing green-gold masses of juicy cumquat and mandarin flavours.
Barossa Valley SA93/100$45.00


NVMorgan's Bay Chardonnay
Lightly oaked chardonnay delivers white peach and green melon fruit with a cleansing citrus kick on the finish
Mildura Vic92/100$30.00
2014Dragonfly Chardonnay
Light colour; smoky sulfide/reduction, attractive wine, very savoury, quite crisp, dry and leanish in profile.
Clean finish. It's a touch hollow. Needs time for the bottling sulfur to dissipate.
Geographie WA92/100$40.00
2014Domaine Chandon Chardonnay
Medium yellow colour, with a toasty, oaky bouquet. Lively and fresh, clean and vital, with toasted cashew and stone fruits adding up to an attractive nose. It shows slight forward-development. It's rich and medium to full-bodied, smooth and intense with appealing balance. palate, subtle oak totally integrated.
Yarra Valley Vic94/100$45.00
2014Ironcloud Chardonnay
Bright medium-full yellow; nicely harmonised bouquet of mealy, nutty, butterscotch and background stone-fruit aromas. Medium-bodied and soft, but very intense in the mouth: smooth and rich in an understated way; mellow and drinking very well now. Superb intensity and concentration of grapefruit flavour - but also refinement and impeccable harmony.
Geographie WA96/100$45.00
2013Xanadu DJL Chardonnay
Bright, light yellow hue, and a subdued but pleasant aroma of lightly toasted cashew nut and pear. It's fine and focused in the mouth, with good
intensity and drive, the acidity powering it along and the finish and aftertaste pleasingly dry.
Margaret River Vic95/100$45.00
2015Xanadu Exmoor ChardonnayFresh herbal aromas with a citrusy edge. Fruit-driven, clean and bright. It's likewise on the palate: fresh and bright, firm and bracing, with focus and rapier-like thrust. Sensitively wooded and very fineMargaret River Vic94/100$45.00
2012Balnaves Chardonnay
Light bright yellow colour, with a complex hazelnut and honey aroma, lovely fresh oak and cashewnut and some yeast lees - very clean and bright,
fresh and complex. The palate is likewise: lots of honey and stone-fruit flavours, plus nougat. It's rich and intense with many layers of character.
Coonawarra SA96/100$50.00
2012Bream Creek Chardonnay
Light to medium yellow colour. Lovely nutty toast and smoky bouquet with some nougat hints, the palate rich and fleshy, smooth and soft, with
lots of flavour and supple sexy texture, as well as great depth of flavour.
2014Xanadu Chardonnay
Bright, light yellow colour and a subtle, fresh and very clean aroma showing some nut and marzipan nuances. The wine is very intense and refined on the palate: bright and pristine, concentrated and crystalline with purity and length. Gorgeous wine. Very tight, refined and compact, with marvellous persistence.
Margaret River Vic96/100$55.00
2013Goaty Hill Chardonnay
Light yellow colour; the bouquet fresh and youthful with a tight, restrained palate and a very clean, dry finish. A superb wine in a more subtle, restrained, latent style. Very long, powerful palate.
2013Seppelts Drumborg Vineyard Chardonnay
Light, youthful, bright yellow colour. The bouquet is restrained and fine, with straw and hay like notes, restrained and promising. Grapefruit, a trace of honey. The faintest hint of complexing sulfide. Very fine, reserved, long and distinguished in the mouth.
Great Western Vic97/100$60.00
2012Freycinet Chardonnay
Light, bright yellow-green colour. The bouquet shows some oak, with confectionery and vanilla notes, plus toasted nuts. The palate is very frisky and alive with excellent acidity and nerve. Grapefruit flavours, penetrating and lively: a superb wine of great energy
Bicheno Tas96/100$60.00
2011Curly Flat Chardonnay
Bright light yellow colour. Very subtle restrained aromas, fresh and citrusy, clean and bright, oak is almost invisible. The palate is precise and fine, long and refreshing.
Macedon Ranges Vic97/100$65.00
2012Heemskerk Chardonnay
This is pure Tasmania, acidity woven through the wine from go to whoa, oak and extended lees contact have provided a gloss of creamy/nutty nuances, to a wine of extreme purity, drive and length.
Coal River Tas96/100$65.00
2014Shaw & Smith M3 Chardonnay
Light to medium yellow colour with a toasted nut, almost rubbery, barrel ferment bouquet, plus lemon essence notes. The palate is soft and smooth, balanced and savoury with some toasty barrel and lees-derived flavours.
Adelaide Hills SA96/100$65.00
2010Seville Estate Reserve Chardonnay
Vibrant green hue, this is rich, ripe, opulent and oaky at this early stage. Powerful wine.
Yarra Valley Vic96/100$70.00
2010Galli Estate Pamela Chardonnay
Fermented with wild yeast in a dedicated cool room in a mix of French oak. Great complexity and drive. One out of the box.
Sunbury Vic97/100$75.00
Light yellow hue, the bouquet showing very fresh, refined, cashew nut and creamy yeast lees aromas, tight and reserved. The palate backs this up with very tight, fine, high-acid presence, which is positively Chablis-esque.
Coal River Tas97/100$75.00
2010Xanadu Reserve Chardonnay
Great intensity and utterly exceptional length. There is a seamless union between the pink grapefruit and white peach fruit, quality French oak and citrussy/minerally acidity; it is that acidity that draws out the extreme length of the palate.
Margaret River WA97/100$85.00

Sauvignon Blanc

NVMorgan's Bay Semillon Sauvignon Blanc
Savoury cut grass aromas with hints of citrus, up-front tropical notes with elements of kiwi and passionfruit
Mildura Vic90/100$30.00
2014Upside Down Sauvignon Blanc
Light gooseberry and kaffir lime nose with herbal notes. Clean refreshing palate, hints of passionfruit, lemon and lime and a crunchy apple finish.
Marlborough NZ93/100$35.00
2014Mt Riley Sauvignon Blanc
Palish yellow colour. Very fragrant fresh lime juice and passionfruit aromas, clean and vibrant and inviting. Very fresh, clean and alive on the palate. Light and crisp, refreshing and balanced with good acidity not overdone, and a clean finish without obvious sweetness
Marlborough NZ95/100$35.00
2014Dragonfly Sauvignon Blanc Semillon
It has intense, piercing flavours reaching out to citrus/grass on one hand, tropical on the other, but also given an extra measure of texture and structure by a portion of barrel fermentation
Geographie WA95/100$40.00
2013Howard Park Sauvignon Blanc
Light yellow colour. The bouquet is subdued and faintly muffled, but savoury and more than just simple varietal fruit - although it has that too. Some barrel involvement, but it's not obvious. The palate is clean and intense, smooth and full of interesting flavours.
Great Southern WA96/100$45.00
2014Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc
Very nettley, spicy, dried herb and peppery aromas, oddly reminiscent of gruner veltliner. The palate is delicate and fresh, crisp and clean, with a lean racy profile and a crisp, properly dry finish. Intense and lingering.
Marlborough NZ94/100$50.00
2011Bleasdale Sauvignon Blanc A remarkably fragrant and beguiling sauvignon blanc. It's fresh and clean, crisp and lively, and only faintly yeasty at this tender age. It's fine
and delicate, and long on the palate.

Marlborough NZ94/100$50.00
2014Emprica Sauvignon Blanc Medium to full yellow colour and a very attractive oak-fermented, strongly-worked bouquet, in which toasty, buttery, nutty barrel-derived characters stand in for varietal fruit. There's a hint of sulfide a la chardonnay, but the varietal sauvignon fruit is apparent in the mouth.Pemberton WA96/100$50.00
2014Shaw and Smith Sauvignon Blanc
Pale straw-green, the bouquet offers passionfruit, kiwi fruit and citrus aromas that set the scene for the palate.
Adelaide Hills SA96/100$50.00
2013Bannockburn Sauvignon BlancBright, medium to light yellow colour with a deeper, more developed hue than most wines of its age. The bouquet confirms this as a barrel-fermented style, and very attractive too. There's a nuttiness that sits neatly with the properly ripe fruit aromas. But the oak is very discreet. The palate is intense and ripe, rounded and fresh, with a lingering aftertaste. Geelong Vic 97/100$55.00
2014Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc
Very light yellow colour; pungent bouquet of passionfruit, citrus aromas, clean and vibrant. Tight, delicate, intense and yet restrained on the palate, dry-finishing, crisp and beautifully balanced. An outstanding example of young Marlborough savvy.
Marlborough NZ96/100$55.00


2015Tahbilk Riesling
Clean and vibrant, showing lemon zest and nice texture on the finish;
Nagambie Lakes Vic90/100$35.00
2014Howard Park Mt Baker Riesling
A pristine wine, pale hued and superbly fresh, the aromas bright, floral and primary, the palate flavours very fruity, rich and soft, with a tickle of sweetness which adds to its charm.
Great Southern WA97/100$45.00
2014Bream Creek RieslingMedium-depth yellow colour, with a peach fuzz aroma, soft and round on the palate, with very gentle acidity. A more accessible style of Tassie
riesling, which has developed excellent lime and lemon aromas and flavours. A wine of concentration and length
Coal River Tas96/100$50.00
2013Clos Clair Riesling
Bright, light yellow colour. Fresh and vibrant floral and salad greens to sniff. It's light and lively in the mouth, quite intense but delicate and
restrained, fresh and lively, with a superb, effortless natural balance. The acidity is fine and seamlessly woven into the wine. It's not bone-dry,
but has impeccable balance and a clean and lovely finish.
Clair Valley SA96/100$50.00
2014Andrew Thomas Braemore Semillon
Palish green/yellow colour. The aroma is fresh and vibrant, with a creamy yeasty note. It's tangy, fresh, lively and its profile has a scintillating
line and refined texture. Very delicate yet very intense, the finish clean, dry and gossamer-fine. A masterpiece of finesse.
Hunter Valley NSW97/100$55.00
2014Nine Degrees Pinot Gris
Made in a medium style this wine has attactuive nectarine and ripe pear aromas leading to full fruit flavours
Marlborough NZ89/100$35.00
2015Tar and Roses Pinot Grigio
Full copper-pink colour like a rose. Spicy and strawberry aromas. The palate is full and generous, dry and savoury, with plenty of flavour
and character.
Central Vic92/100$40.00
2014Punt Road Napoleone Vineyard Pinot Gris
Excellent mouth feel and complexity. Subtle spice delivers a long and beatifully textured palate
Mornington Penninsula Vic93/100$45.00
2014Pike & Joyce Prinot Gris
Pale straw colour. Fine and fragrant aroma, clean and ethereal. The palate is again very fine as well as intense, deep and lovely. A trace of yeastiness. The palate is deliciously fruity and enhanced by a trace of sweetness.
Adelaide Hills SA93/100$45.00
2014 Riposte "The Stiletto" Pinot GrisMedium rose-gold colour; the bouquet rich, ripe and spicy, with some complexities from barrel and lees. Traces of honey and apricot.
The palate is full and rounded, soft and flavorsome, with ample character and length. Resonant finish; very satisfying.
Adelaide Hills SA39/100$45.00
2014Nine Vines Grenache Shiraz Rose
Bright, medium to full purple/pink hue. The aroma is very shy and reticent.
Renmark SA92/100$35.00
2014Domaine Chandon Rose
Bright, light pink, the bouquet has strawberry and spice, the palate is long, crisp and fresh, with a juicy but dry finish.
Yarra Valley Vic92/100$45.00

Shiraz and Blends

NVMorgans Bay Shiraz Cabernet
Notes of spice and plum, hints of cassis with lingering soft tannins providing excellent structure
Mildura Vic90/100$30.00
2012Rosemount Little Berry Shiraz
Deep colour, plumy and Juicy blackberry characters and hints of spicy choclate.
McLaren Vale SA94/100$40.00
2013Dragonfly Shiraz
Bright crimson-purple; the bouquet is immediately appealing, totally seductive array of juicy blood plum, blackberry and licorice flavours,
then a garland of finely balanced and integrated French oak
Geographie WA94/100$40.00
2014Angoves Family Crest ShirazDeepish red/purple hue. The bouquet is spicy and meaty, appealingly scented, with a balanced and fleshy, nicely flavoured and shaped palate
that really appeals. Rich and plush, with the right amount of fruit sweetness.

McLaren Vale SA94/100$40.00
2013Mount Langi Hollows Shiraz
Deep red colour with a purple rim. Black pepper aromas, discreet and subtle, and the palate elegant, medium to full-bodied and firmly structured, with quite upright tannins and a long carry.
Grampians Vic94/100$45.00
2014Tulloch Private Bin Pokolbin Dry Red ShirazRich, ripe, seriously attractive black fruit aromas, clean and fresh and lively. Fresh, minty and spicy, with lots of different aromas and flavours.
The palate is full-bodied, firm and tight, with concentration and compactness, power, drive and length.
Pokolbin NSW96/100$45.00
2012Clarnette & Ludvigsen Heathcote ShirazVery deep red/purple hue, young and bright. The bouquet is powerful, with concentrated blackberry and ironstone, smoke and plum aromas. The palate is also very full-bodied and high-impact, with massive power and persistence.
Heathcote Vic956/100$45.00
2013St Johns Road Blood & Courage ShirazDeep red colour with a purple trim. The bouquet offers dry spices and nuts, dried herbs as well, and the palate is elegant at the same time as it's
medium to full-bodied, with a leaner profile than usual in the Barossa with focus, intensity, length and drive.
Barossa Valley SA95/100$45.00
2014Halls Gap Estate Fallen Giants ShirazDeep red/purple colour and a perfumed, scented, fragrant aroma, with toasty and charcuterie overtones. The wine is full-bodied and a little
chewy in texture, deep and concentrated, with grunt and aging ability but also drinkability. The tannins really coat the mouth. This is a big,
generous-hearted wine with lots going on. 
Grampians Vic95/100$50.00
2014West Cape Howe Two Steps ShirazDeep, youthful purple/red colour; concentrated plum essence aromas, laced with tarry oak overtones. The palate is luxuriously deep and velvety, fleshy and powerful, full-bodied and dense. The black plum and blackberry flavours are drop-dead gorgeous, and the tannnins are well matched.Mt Barker WA95/100$50.00
2012S.C Pannell Adelaide HillsSyrah
Hand-picked grapes were fermented with 25% whole bunches, the wine matured for 12 months in large French oak vats and puncheons. Vivid
purple-crimson colour; the exceptionally fragrant bouquet leads into a palate with great texture from fine tannins, and black cherry fruit
from the vineyard and vintage.
Adelaide Hills96/100$50.00
2013Mitolo Angela ShirazDeep, dark red/purple colour. Intense plummy and chaffy aromas, the palate is rich and succulent, smooth and fruit-sweet, with excellent
refined texture. It has real depth and persistence.
McLaren Vale SA95/100$50.00
2012Bleasdale Generation ShirazSuperb ripeness and balance, married to marvellous softness, are the hallmarks of the new generation of Bleasdale reds, and this is a top
example. Rich, fleshy and supple in texture; ripe and yet bright, fresh fruit. Dense, full-bodied, rich and plush.

Langhorne Creek SA96/100$50.00
2013Parker Coonawarra Estate Shiraz
Deep, dense purple/red colour; deep, dense, very ripe essency aromas with a lacing of pepper, but generally very ripe lush, almost decadent
aromas and flavours. It's fleshy, rich and full-bodied, but the balance and superb texture are the key features.
Coonawarra SA96/100$50.00
2011DogRock Single Vineyard Shiraz
Deep red/purple colour. Intense spice aromas with pepper leading the way. profound palate flavour, lively and tight, compact and penetrating.
Refreshing, frisky wine, clean and invigorating with intense red fruit and spice flavours, and fine-grained tanninins. Very elegant.
Pyrenees Vic96/100$50.00
2013Spinefex Bete Noir Shiraz
Very deep purple/red colour; concentrated, rich, ripe, black fruit aromas; the palate full-bodied and dense, concentrated and powerful, with
tremendous length and drive. Lashings of good, ripe, supple tannins.
Barossa Valley SA97/100$55.00
2012Ellis Wines Premium Heathcote Shiraz
Deep red/purple colour. The bouquet is fresh and fruit-driven, with mint and raspberry aromas, fresh and lifted and aromatic. In the mouth it's
medium to full-bodied and again the fruit does the talking. It has fresh, clean acidity and measured tannin on the finish. A pristine wine.
Heathcote Vic97/100$55.00
2012Hewitson Ned & Henry's Shiraz Mourvedre
The wine was matured in used French oak. The vivid colour of the wine attests to its moderate alcohol, as does the joyful display of red and black
fruits; the tannins are supple, the oak subtle but evident.
Barossa Valley SA96/100$55.00
2011Lindeman's Hunter Valley Shiraz
Bin 1103. Light to medium crimson-purple; estate-grown on the historic Ben Ean Vineyard; a fresh and fruit-driven wine reflecting part maturation
in stainless steel and part in used French oak for 12 months
Hunter Valley NSW95/100$55.00
2012Yangarra Estate Whole Bunch Shiraz
So polished, so poised, so well fruited. The flavours come in waves, the acid keeps them moving, the tannin gives them traction. Various
dark-berried fruits, coffee grounds, spicy oak and sweet, perfumed herbs. Precision is its middle name.
McLaren Vale SA97/100$60.00
2013Clonakilla O'Riada Shiraz
Medium to full red colour with a purple tint. The bouquet is peppery, spicy and perfumed, with great charm and fruit complexity. The floral note raises the question of viognier. The palate is elegantly proportioned and finely textured, soft and easygoing, with superb balance and length. There is a core of fruit sweetness and then a wash of powdery tannins.
Canberra Districts ACT96/100$60.00
2012Heartland Directors Cut Shiraz
Deep, dense crimson-purple; this really is built for the long haul; cedary/spicy French oak is the first aroma encountered on the bouquet and is never far away, but there are waves of blackberry, plum and dark chocolate fruits, then round tannins to conclude.
Langhorne Creek SA96/100$60.00
2010Audrey Wilkinson The Lake Shiraz
Vibrant deep magenta, fine French oak, multi-layered and generous wine, the freshness of acidity is the perfect foil for
this deeply fruited, finely textured and extraordinarily long shiraz.
Hunter Valley NSW96/100$60.00
2010Angoves Warboys McLaren Vale Shiraz
Deep purple-crimson, bouquet of black fruits, spice and dark chocolate, the palate has exceptional mouthfeel, soft tannins
and a lingering finish.
McLaren Vale SA96/100$60.00
2011Best Great Western Bin No1 Shiraz
(Jimmy Watson Trophy Winner 2012)
Grampians Vic95/100$60.00
2009Howards Park Scotsdale Shiraz
Deep purple-crimson aromatic bouquet the palate is intense and focused, the flavours reaching every corner of the mouth.
Great Southern WA96/100$60.00
2010Shaw & Smith M3 Shiraz
Vivid crimson hue, red and black fruits, spice and ironstone complexity, the medium to full bodied palate is fleshy, silky, rich
long, languid and beautifully detailed from start to finish.
Adelaide Hills SA96/100$60.00
2012St Hallet Blackwell Shiraz
Deep, vivid crimson-purple; has taken full advantage of everything the '12 vintage had to offer; gloriously full, but supple and velvety/juicy red and
black fruits, the tannins and oak joining with the fruit on the full-bodied, perfectly balanced, palate.
Barossa Valley SA97/100$65.00
2012Shottesbrooke Single Vineyard Blewitt Springs Shiraz
Vivid crimson-purple; the expressive bouquet tells of the concentrated blackberry fruit of the medium to full-bodied palate, with layered foresty
black fruits, bitter chocolate and quality oak; has prodigious length and aftertaste.
McLaren Vale SA97/100$65.00
2012Turkey Flat Shiraz
Deep, bright, red/purple colour; very good, and the bouquet is superbly fresh and clean, bright and youthful, with plum and raspberry, dark cherry and spice notes, very much a fruit-driven and primary style, but not strident or simplistically raw-fruity. Same in the mouth: a very intense, bright, full-bodied wine of real purity, poise and harmony.
Barossa Valley SA97/100$65.00
2008Gemtree Vineyard Obsidian Shiraz
Three years in new French oak. The hue is remarkable, still crimson-purple, and the wine is crammed full of flavour, blackberry
fruit with its McLaren Vale signature of dark chocolate.
McLaren Vale SA96/100$65.00
2010Mount Pleasant OP&OH Hunter Valley Shiraz
Medium to deep purple/red; very good colour. Very smoky, char-oak and Hunter regional character its red fruits are cradled by fine tannins
and just a hint of new oak
Hunter Valley NSW97/100$70.00
2012Jamsheed Great Western Garden Valley Shiraz
Deep red/purple colour, with a dry spice and brazilnut aroma, Great Western? Lots of graphite, ironstone and charcoal characters; plenty of
mystery here. Very full-bodied: it's massively framed, firmly tannic and gripping, with impressive attack and tremendous length. Serious wine.
Great power, amplitude and length, augmented by frisky acidity and ample alcohol.
Great Western Vic97/100$70.00
2010Thorne-Clarke William Randell Shiraz
Inky purple-crimson, saturated with every manner of black fruits and bitter chocolate; despite this, it has an open-weave texture keeping
it light on its feet, and allowing a farewell of juicy fruit finding its way through the high quality oak and fine tannins. An exceptional shiraz
Barossa Valley SA97/100$75.00
2010Peppertree Random Acts of Winemaking ShirazBrainchild of Jim Chatto and Dan Buckle at Mount Langi Ghiran a blend of two estate vineyards, the Hunter providing the depth
and savoury elements, the Grampians the very obvious spice and floral lift. A high class, long-lived wine.
Hunter Valley NSW97/100$85.00
2009Tyrrell's Vat 9 Hunter Shiraz
Clear, inviting crimson with an amazing purity of fruit flavour coming from ancient vines on red soils.
Hunter Valley NSW97/100$95.00
2010McWilliams Mt Pleasant O'Shea Shiraz
Clear red-crimson great balance struck between oak, tannins, fruit and acidity. Generously textured with dark berry and spicy
chocolate notes supported by it beautiful French oak. Its a stand out vintage.
Hunter Valley NSW97/100$105.00
2010Seville Estate Dr McMahon Shiraz
A full throttle wine to celebrate an icon of the Yarra Valley, Dr Peter McMahon. The colour is as vibrant as the spicy, whole
bunch and new oak bouquet as the palate is scintillating in its precision and depth.
Yarra Valley Vic97/100$110.00
2010Clonakilla Murrumbateman Syrah
Bright, clear colour, the bouquet is silky with exceptionally intense and energetic flavours of spice, red berries, blackberry and black pepper
the texture is outstanding, fruit, oak and tannins all harmoniously contributing.
Canberra Districts ACT97/100$130.00
2009Wynns Michael Shiraz
Good purple-crimson, the excellent bouquet is a classy opening, but this wine is all about structure, mouthfeel and length.
The blackberry, plum, spice and mulberry flavours are folded in quality French oak. Will be a classic.
Coonawarra SA96/100$130.00

Cabernet Sauvignon and Blends

NVMorgan's Bay Cabernet Merlot
Up-front dark berry flavour and cassis. Fleshy merlot fills the mid-palate, subtle oak influence to finish
Mildura Vic90/100$30.00
2013Blue Pyrenees Cabernet Sauvignon
Deep red/purple colour, bright and youthful. The bouquet is very attractive, showing violets and both red and blue berries, the palate intense and focused, concentrated but not overly big-boned, with a beautifully elegant, lingering palate of model line. The tannins are fine and subtly firm, doing their job by gentle persuasion rather than brute force. The structure is well controlled and impeccably balanced.
Pyrenees Vic95/100$40.00
2012Lake Breeze Cabernet Sauvignon
The grapes come from 40-year-old estate vines, which have provided a wine with clear-cut varietal character; bright and lively cassis fruit runs
as a pure stream of flavour through the length of the medium-bodied palate; oak and gently savoury tannins tie the parcel up to perfection
Langhorne Creek SA95/100$45.00
2011West Cape Howe Book Ends Cabernet Sauvignon
Deep, dark red with a tinge of purple; very good colour. Subdued bouquet with a dusty note at first, evidence of lots of oak, and nicely ripe black
fruits predominating. The wine has richness and flesh, density and grip, the tannins ripe and smooth as well as abundant.
Mt Barker WA96/100$45.00
2012Vasse Felix Filius Cabernet SauvignonDeep red/purple colour and a rich, properly ripe, clean and attractive cassis cabernet aroma. The wine is elegantly crafted and tautly structured
with firm, fine tannins and very good length. 
Margaret River WA94/100$50.00
2010Hay Shed Hill Cabernet SauvignonDeep red colour, slight purple rim. Toasty oak-saturated bouquet with black fruits and smoky black olive notes. Rich, fleshy, dense and smoothly
balanced. Full-bodied and compact with smooth, ripe, rounded, ample tannins. This has density as well as elegance.

Margaret River WA95/100$50.00
2013Wynns Black Label Cabernet SauvignonIntense blackcurrant and black cherry aromas, with tapenade, cedar and bitter chocolate notes, delicious balance, long flavour, seamless feel superfine tannins.
Coonawarra SA97/100$50.00
2012Bests Great Western Cabernet Sauvignon
Good hue; a near-perfect expression of cabernet sauvignon, the region, the vintage and the winemaking all contributing to the finely structured
and textured blackcurrant fruit, itself given shape by the fine-grained tannins on the long, medium-bodied palate
Grampians Vic95/100$50.00
2012A Rodda Cuvee De ChezCabernet Sauvignon
Deep, vibrant, red/purple colour and a clean, bright aroma of black fruits and a hint of briar, with excellent blackberry and cedar cabernet
aromas of quality and perfect ripeness. The palate is medium to full-bodied and smoothly texture, with good tannins in abundance; balanced,
vibrant and long.
Beechworth Vic96/100$55.00
2009Wynns V&A Lane Cabernet SauvignonDeep red/purple colour; the bouquet spicy and berry fruited, clean and fresh and vibrant. Lively and bright. A wonderfully tight, elegant, refined
wine of tremendous length and precision. 
Coonawarra SA96/100$60.00
2013Yering Station Cabernet SauvignonDeep red/purple colour. The bouquet is cedary, black-fruited, showing spot-on ripeness and a well-judged backing of oak. The palate is elegant,
dry and savoury, with delicious berry fruit married to elegant, medium to full-bodied structure. Fine tannins and great length. 
Yarra Valley Vic96/100$60.00
2012Flametree S.R.S Wilyabrup Cabernet Sauvignon
The immediate and striking strength of the wine is its extreme length and purity, a siren allure that may lead many to drink it long before it
reaches its plateau of ultimate perfection; high quality grapes have been handled with admirable sensitivity by winemaker Cliff Royle.
Margaret River WA97/100$65.00
2009Voyager Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot
Deepish red colour with a purple tint. Crisp, crushed mulberry and dusty cedary aromas. This is more black fruits and richly ripe flavour than the
Voyager Project cabernet. Full-bodied, weighty, and deep, with amplitude, length and generosity.
Margaret River WA96/100$70.00
2011Lueewin Estate Art Series Cabernet Sauvignon
Deep red/purple hue. Marvellous smoky, toasty barrel and blackberry fruit aromas neatly entwined, a trace of charcoal, and briar, while the palate is singularly impressive, with great power and length and superbly lavish, supple tannins.
Margaret River WA97/100$80.00
2012Xanadu Cabernet Sauvignon
Deep red/purple colour; bright and youthful. Dusty young bouquet with subdued but slowly emerging blackberry and blackcurrant fruit. It's powerful and very strongly structured on palate; the fruit is classic dark berries and violets, backed by firm high-quality tannins. It all lingers with great persistence.
Margaret River WA97/100$85.00
2009Vasse Felix Heytesbury Cabernet Sauvignon
Deep purple/red colour. Dense, rich black fruit aromas and flavours; sublime, seamless fruit and tannin integration, tremendous structure
and length. Very young and promising, but also remarkably approachable now. A top vintage.
Margaret River WA97/100$90.00
2010Houghton Gladstones Cabernet Sauvignon
Bright, clear crimson; as befits its name, a very distinguished and expressive wine from the first whiff of its bouquet through to the finish with
ultra-classic cassis and redcurrant fruit that easily carries the fine-grained tannins and high quality oak
Margaret River WA97/100$100.00
2010Cullen Diana Madeline Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot
Vanya Cullen has taken a gentle approach with all aspects of the wine. It is medium-bodied, but is perfectly balanced and its array of
blackcurrant, redcurrant, earth and spice fruit flavours, its medium-bodied elegance setting it in a league of its own.
Margaret River WA96/100$125.00
2009Wynns John Riddoch Cabernet Sauvignon
Strong colour, a very potent, deeply layered, full-bodied wine in which all of the expected Coonawarra cabernet characters
of blackcurrant, blackberry, mulberry, earth and mint, very classy oak and fine, ripe tannins.
Coonawarra SA96/100$125.00

Pinot Noir and Other

2012John Luke Pinot Noir
Wild fermented in French oak, a bouquet of cherry and dried herbs. A silky palate and fine tannins complement the finish.
Mornington Penninsula Vic92/100$35.00
2013Domaine Chandon Yarra Valley Pinot Noir
An elegant wine distinguished by a rich structure of firm, silky tanins
Yarra Valley Vic94/100$50.00
2012 Bream Creek Pinot Noir
Deep colour with a tinge of purple; the bouquet is charry, smoky and smacks of smoked charcuterie. Sweet dark cherry fragrance later.
Some sappiness. The palate is big, bold and solid, with ample tannin, and is very attractive. Deep fruit, good concentration
2013Helen's Hill Long Walk Yarra Valley Pinot Noir
The colour is even deeper than that of its Ingram Rd sibling; it is packed with luxurious dark cherry and plum fruit running in an unbroken stream
through the bouquet, palate, finish and aftertaste.
Yarra Valley Vic97/100$60.00
2012Scorpo Single Vineyard Pinot Noir
This wine has considerable elegance, finesse and length; the vivid red and black fruits are given shape by some foresty/savoury tannins.
Mornington Penninsula Vic96/100$60.00
2012Dog Point Pinot Noir
Very deep red/purple hue. The bouquet is impressive and loaded with rich, ripe, black cherry fruit, the palate likewise rich and concentrated,
full-bodied and sweetly-fruited, but it's all balanced by good tannins and excellent structure. A glorious wine, very Burgundy-like.
Marlborough NZ97/100$70.00
2014Giant Steps Applejack Vinyard Pinot Noir
Deepish red colour with purple tints, and a meaty, charcuterie bouquet of considerable complexity. Rich and fleshy in the mouth, it's deep and
layered with excellent texture and lots of extract. A lovely full-bodied, profound pinot with a fruit-sweet core and very good structure for keeping.
Yarra Valley Vic96/100$70.00
2012Freycinet Pinot Noir
Excellent vibrant colour. Very good fresh and vibrant aromas of dark cherry and spices, rich and full. Tannins are assertive and ripe, the harmony
is good and it's very long.
Bicheno Tas97/100$80.00
2013Farrside by Farr Pinot Noir
Full red colour with a tinge of purple; the bouquet sweetly ripe red fruits without excessive stalky herbal notes. Very perfumed, alluring, complex. The wine is very rich and fruit-sweet on the tongue, full-bodied and intense, powerful and very long in its aftertaste. A superb, delicious wine; brandied cherries; good soft and fleshy tannins and a tremendously long, satisfying finish.
Geelong Vic98/100$85.00
2013Blue Pyrenees Merlot
Matured for 16 months in French and American barriques. A robust, full-flavoured, full-bodied red
Pyrenees Vic91/100$40.00
2012Turkey Flat Butchers Block GSM
This is one of the best Barossa Valley blends of this ilk, shiraz providing both structure and depth to the seductive array of red and black fruits on
the bouquet and medium-bodied palate.
Barossa Valley SA97/100$40.00
Kirks Club Bar Menu

Kirks Club Bar Menu

Bowl of Chips – Served with tomato sauce and gravy – $7.90

Bowl of Wedges – Served with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream – $10.90

Bowl of Sidewinders – Served with sweet chilli sauce and ailoi – $11.90

Chicken Schnitzel Served with chips, salad and gravy – $16.90

Chicken Parmagiana – Served with chips and salad – $18.90

300g Grass-fed Porterhouse Served with chips, salad and your choice of sauce – $22.90

300g Portland Grass-fed Scotch Fillet With chips, salad and your choice of sauce – $22.90

500g Grass-fed Rump with chips, salad and your choice of sauce – $20.90

Roast of the Day – Served with seasonal vegetables and gravy – $16.90

Salt & Pepper Calamari With a side of Thai reduction – $18.90

Chilli Calamari With a side of Thai reduction – $18.90

Chicken and Wild Mushroom Risotto With baby spinach & topped with shaved parmesan – $18.90 Prawn and Chorizo Risotto  Topped with shaved parmesan – $20.90

Flake & Chips – Served with salad and homemade tartare sauce – $18.90

Wood fired Pizza Tropical, Capricciosa, Roasted Vegetable – $16.90

Lambs Fry served with bacon and mash – $16.90

Mighty Kirks Burger & Chips Beef patties, bacon, pineapple, lettuce, cheese, relish & aioli  – $18.90

$16.90 Parma & Pot – Mon – Wed from 12 – 9pm $20.90 Steak & Pot Thursday from 12pm-9pm $17.90 Special Friday Parma & Pot Friday from 12pm-9pm $25.90 Gourmet Burger & Pot Mon from 5.30pm-9pm

Function Room Sit Down Menu
3 or 2 course meal $75 per head/$65 per head sample menu can be made to personalized to suit your function


To Share Kirks Tasting Plate – Selection of calabrese salami, housemade dip, marinated whole olives, roasted red peppers, soft cheese and salt & pepper calamari served with garlic infused Turkish bread and grissini


Choose from 2 served alternatively 220g Portland Porterhouse Steak Cooked medium rare with rosemary and garlic chat potatoes with a baked tomato & mushroom sauce Barramundi Fillets 300g Grilled and served on a potato rosti, wilted spinach, topped with dill and baby caper remoulade Chicken Scallopini Pan fried chicken tenderloins in a creamy white wine sauce with baby spinach & semi-dried tomatoes served on a housemade potato rosti


Served Alternatively Individual Mud Cake Served with cream and strawberry Individual Lemon Meringue Served with cream and strawberry

The Balcony Cocktail Menu
Select from the menu with catering on a per person basis MINIMUM OF 50 PEOPLE FOR CATERING Cold Selection Bruschetta bread with crumbled goats cheese House made dips with warm pita bread Kabana, cheese & semi-dried tomato stacks Quince, ham & blue cheese pintxos Smoked salmon crostini with cucumber & cream cheese Mixed Sushi Rolls Beef kofta with mint yoghurt Hot Selection Coconut king prawns with mango aioli Spring rolls with sweet soy dipping sauce Spinach & ricotta parcels Roast vegetable & grilled capsicum frittata Mini wood fired pizzas Cajun Chicken Ribs Salt & pepper calamari with a thai reduction sauce Crispy battered flake bites with house made tartare sauce Thai chicken balls with dipping sauce Your choice of: Your choice of 6 items for $26.00 Per Person Your choice of 10 items for $30.00 Per Person Your choice of 16 items for $34.00 Per Person
Corporate Menu
Chicken & Wild Mushroom Risotto Arborio rice with poached chicken, assorted mushrooms & baby spinach, topped with shaved grana padano Barramundi Fillets 300g Grilled and served on a potato rosti, with wilted baby spinach, topped withbaby caper & dill remoulade Roasted Vegetable Gnocchi Garlic, thyme & rosemary slow roasted vegetables, tossed in a butter & parsley sauce with potato gnocchi. Chicken Parmagiana  Housemade lightly crumbed premium chicken breast topped with ham, napoli sauce & melted cheese served with chips & salad or seasonal vegetables 220g Porterhouse Grassfed Portland Porterhouse, topped with Red Wine & Mushroom sauce, served with chips and salad

All Meals come accompanied with a glass of Morgan’s Bay variety wine, a pot of Carlton draught/Victoria Bitter/Cascade Premium Light or a glass of soft drink. Email kirkshotel@kirkshotel.com.au for more details

Christmas Menu




Adults $110 per head

Children 3-12 yrs $40 per head



Entrée:-                                        (Your Choice of)

Australian King Prawn Salad Low Gluten option available

South Australian King prawns with shrimp, crisp lettuce,

               homemade cocktail sauce, apple & chives


Slow cooked Lamb Shoulder

              Tender pulled & pressed lamb shoulder served on a homemade

             Served on a potato rosti with cherry truss tomatoes & red wine jus’



Main Course:-                               (Your Choice of)

Traditional Christmas Turkey Low Gluten option available

             Roasted turkey breast, served with honey glazed pumpkin, green

             beans, broccolini & baked carrots finished with a rich cranberry



Atlantic Salmon Fillet

Baked fillet served on a creamy chat potato gallete with blanched

Asparagus, topped with a roasted beetroot & fetta salsa





Kirks Famous Dessert Buffet Low Gluten option available

An array of hot and cold delights including cakes, tarts,

puddings and more




To Finish:-

Tea/Coffee and Petit fours.

$50 deposit required at time of booking, final payment by 18th December








Roasted Beetroot Bruschetta Low Gluten option available must preorder

Lightly toasted ciabatta topped with roasted baby beetroot,

                fetta & wild roquette




Main Course:-

Char grilled Vegetable Stack Low Gluten option available

                 Slow cooked Mediterranean vegetables served with citrus

                 couscous, finished with a drizzle of balsamic reduction






Kirks Famous Dessert Buffet Low Gluten option available

An array of hot and cold delights including cakes, tarts,

puddings and more




To Finish:-

Tea/Coffee and Petit fours.












Chicken Strips Low gluten option available

Served with curly fries & BBQ dipping sauce





Main Course:-                               (Your Choice of)

Roast Turkey Low Gluten option available

Turkey breast served with seasonal vegetables and cranberry gravy


Brioche Burgers

Angus beef patties on brioche buns with burger cheese, tomato sauce & lettuce with a side of fries & pickle


Spaghetti & Meatballs

Hand rolled meatballs in a Napoli sauce tossed with spaghetti, finished with shaved parmesan





Kirks Famous Dessert Buffet Low Gluten option available

An array of hot and cold delights including cakes, tarts,

puddings and more





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